ACPF and Thailand MOJ DJOP discussed a future cooperation (Tokyo, 2018・6・27)

The ACPF and the Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection (DJOP), Ministry of Justice, Thailand discussed a future cooperation in Tokyo on 27 June 2018.


The DJOP manages and supervises 19 Juvenile Vocational Training Centres and 77 Juvenile Observation and Protection Centres in Thailand. Six (6) representatives of the DJOP participated in a UNAFEI course in June 2018. They visited juvenile training schools, a probation office and a halfway house in Japan.


The delegation members are

Mr. Sahakarn Petchanarin, Director General

Mr. Apichart Jarusiri, Deputy Director General

Ms. Watcharin Manyam, Director, Juvenile Justice Science Division

Mr. Seth Insuwan, Chief, Behavior Modification System Development Group

Ms. Kattiya Ratanadilok, Director, Research and Development Institute

Ms. Anchalee Aramrun, Vocational Training Technical Officer, Professional Level



front row from left: Ms. Watcharin, Mr. Yamashita, Mr. Sahakarn, Mr. Apichart, Ms. Kattiya,

second row from left: Mr. Shinjo, Mr. Seth, Mr. Yoshida, Ms. Anchalee



ACPF members visited Shirindhorn Juvenile Vocational Centre during the TIJ – ACPF Thailand seminar visit in February 2018. Ms. Kattiya treated them at the Centre. She is a UNAFEI alumna and cooperative for ACPF activities.

Taking the opportunity of Thai delegation visit to Japan, the ACPF discussed with them over future cooperation.

ACPF participants are Mr. Terutoshi Yamashita (Secretary General), Mr. Ichiro Shinjo (Special Councillor), and Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshida (Director, Programme Management Bureau). They all joined the TIJ – ACPF Thailand seminar visit in February 2018


The members of the ACPF and the DJOP deepened each other understanding of their activities. They actively discussed candidate institutions (juvenile vocational training centres, juvenile observation and protection centres) during the TIJ- ACPF Thailand visit in February 2019. The DJOP and the ACPF Thailand will cooperate to choose a new institution for ACPF members to visit.


In the discussion, it was mentioned that the major crime among juveniles in Thailand is drug crime (second major crime is offences against property). It was revealed that major crimes differ among countries due to their social situations.










局長 サハカーン・ペッシャナリン氏

次長 アピシャーン・ジャルシリ氏

青少年司法科学課長 ワッシャリン・マンニャム女史

行動適応システム開発係長 セッ・インスワン氏

研究開発所長 カッティヤ・ラタナディロック女史

上級職業訓練技術官 アンチャリー・アラムルン女史






















ACPF Special Program ”Let’s visit Criminal Justice Institutions in the Philippines in March 2019!”

The ACPF plans its program of visits to criminal justice institutions in the Philippines next March with special cooperation of the Crime Prevention Practitioners Association of the Philippines (CPPAP). This trip is filled with precious occasions that Japanese people can rarely visit. You are most welcome to join the program.


1 Time Schedule

 21 (Thursday) to 24 (Sunday) March 2019 (3 nights 4 days)


2 Flights

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3 Programs(There are MUST places like Phil-Japan Halfway House (PJHH) and Prison! Detailed Schedule →

21(Thur.) Arriv. Manila, sightseeing, Philippine ACPF party for ACPF Members

22(Fri.) Visits to PJHH, Prison, Criminal Justice Agency, ACPF party

23(Sat.) Sightseeing (Tagaytay or other places)

24(Sun.) Shopping in Manila, Leave Manila


4 Travel Fee about 140,000 YEN


5 Application

 Asia Crime Prevention Foundation

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