CPPAP (ACPF overseas cooperative organization) Vice President, Mr. Gana, visited ACPF Nagoya Branch (2018・4・14)

Mr. Severino Gana, Vice President, Crime Prevention Practitioners Association of the Philippines (CPPAP) visited ACPF Nagoya Branch and exchanged opinions with ACPF Nagoya members and related representatives 14 April 2018.



→ACPF overseas cooperative organization

→was established by UNAFEI alumni of the Philippines in March 1993

→inaugurated friendship agreement with ACPF Nagoya Branch in 1994

→constructed Phil-Japan Halfway House (PJHH) (first Halfway House in the Philippines) through joint cooperation of the Philippines side (CPPAP, NAPOLCOM, DOJ Bureau of Correction, Parole and Probation Administration, Makati Golden Lions Club and others) and the Japan side (Nagoya West Lions Club, ACPF Nagoya Branch, ACPF Headquarters)

→supported more than 500 inmates for their reintegration into the community until 2017


<Mr. Severino H. Gana>

Mr. Severino Gana is Assistant Chief State Prosecutor of the Philippines.

He participated in the 89th UNAFEI international training course in 1991.

He visited UNAFEI as Visiting Expert for 9 times from 1997 to 2018.


Mr. Gana visited Nagoya with two members of the Makati Golden Lions Club and exchanged opinions with ACPF Nagoya members and Nagoya West Lions Club (NWLC) members. Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshida, Director, Programme Management Bureau, ACPF Headquarters, attended the meeting.

Mr. Gana expressed his gratitude to NWLC, ACPF Nagoya and ACPF Headquarters for their support of the activities of PJHH.

MGLC reported its consecutive assistance to PJHH activities (donation of daily goods and dispatching lecturers of the training programs).

They discussed a future program of CPPAP seminar for Japanese companies advancing the Philippines. (Similar seminars for Japanese companies have been held in Bangkok since 2013. TIJ (Thailand Institute of Justice) and ACPF Thailand jointly held their fifth seminar in February 2018.)

ACPF is considering its inspection visit to Phil-Japan Halfway House in March 2019. ACPF members are most welcome to join the visit program. ACPF will send the members information on the trip later.



Front row from right:

Mr. Sadao Kawase (Former Governor, NWLC)

Ms. Carolina Matsuda (Former Governor, MGLC)

Mr. Kiyotaka Tanaka (Senior Manager, Nagoya Branch)

Mr. Severino Gana (Vice President, CPPAP)

Ms. Ana Marie Pallasigui (Former Governor, MGLC),


Second row from right:

Mr. Yoshiyuki Takemura (Secretary, NWLC)

Mr. Toshimitsu Ozeki (Senior Manager, Nagoya Branch)

Mr. Takaji Yamaguchi (Secretary General, Nagoya Branch)

Mr. Yukio Funahashi (Member, Nagoya Branch)

Mr. Mamoru Tsuda (Member, Nagoya Branch)

Mr. Tetsuya Hashino (Governor, NWLC)

Mr. Akitsuyu Ogawa (Member, Nagoya Branch)

Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshida (Director, Programme Management Bureau, ACPF Headquarters)