The ACPF held Shikita Memorial Event at UN Vienna on 16 May 2018

The 27th Session of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) was held from 14 to 18 May, 2018.

The commission is annually held as an intergovernmental conference and discusses on agendas and administration of UN Crime Congress which is to be held once in every five years.

Commission Programme of Events in English


The ACPF attended the Commission in capacity of a UN NGO. UNAFEI and the ACPF jointly conducted Shikita Memorial Event on 16 May.

During the Event, many speakers delivered their appreciation to Mr. Shikita, former Chairperson of the CACPF, for his contributions to the UN, and their expectation to the ACPF activities in the future.


<At the Memorial Event room>


< Friends and Colleagues of Mr. Minoru Shikita >


【 Achievements of Mr. Minoru Shikita 】

→ established the ACPF in 1982

→ took an active role in the UN Criminal Justice field for many years (Refer to No. 60 ACPF Magazine)

→ passed away at 85 years old on 12 September 2017.


Shikita Memorial Service was first conducted at the Lawyers Club, Tokyo, on 30 November 2017.

The ACPF received many condolence mails from Vienna and around the world. UNAFEI and the ACPF held Shikita memorial event to express our appreciation to Mr. Shikita for his international contributions.

The Shikita Memorial Event was carried on Mainichi Daily News on 18 May with a title “Memorial Service in Vienna for Mr. Shikita who contributed to enhancement of internationalization in the legal profession” .


【 Vienna Commission 】


Those who are related to Mr. Shikita attended the event.

Mr. Keisuke Senta, Director, UNAFEI(→Mr. Senta’s memorial speech

Dr. Eduardo Vetere, former Director for the Treaty Affairs, UNODC, successor of Mr. Shikita

Ms. Jolanta Redo, Permanent Representative of the ACPF /for Europe and Central Asia to the UN Office at Vienna(→Ms. Redo’s memorial speech

Dr. Matti Joutsen, former Director, HEUNI(→Dr.Joutsen’s memorial speech

Mr. Yvon Dandurand, Senior Associate, ICCLR&CTJ

Dr. Wisit Wisitora-At, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, Thailand

Dr. Zin Hwan Kim, President, KIC

Mr. Gary Hill, CEGA Service

Mr. Terutoshi Yamashita, Secretary General, ACPF(→Mr. Yamashita’s memorial speech


ACPF Members attended the Commission (in alphabetical order of family name)

Ms. Yukari Nishi (Attorney at Law)

Ms. Sawako Suenaga

Mr. Satoshi Tsutsumi, Councillor

Mr. Terutoshi Yamashita (Secretary General)

Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshida (Director, Programme Management Bureau)