ACPF and Secretariat Accomplishment Report in the 2017 fiscal year (April 2017 to March 2018)

ACPF activities (mainly Secretariat) in the 2017 fiscal year are as follows;



2017.6/12            Mr. Kotaro OHNO (former Prosecutor General) was assigned as Councillor.

2017.6/13            The Seventh Board of Directors meeting was held.

2017.6/13            Mr. Terutoshi YAMASHITA was assigned as Director of the Board of Directors and Secretary General

(successor of Mr. Kunihiro HORIUCHI).

2017.6/28            The Fourth Councillors meeting was held.


2017.7/1              Mr. Kenji MATSUDA was assigned as Director, General Affairs Bureau (successor of Mr. Akio OMORI).

2017.7/1              ACPF Secretariat News No. 1 was issued.

2017.7/3-7/4        National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) in Thailand visited UNAFEI and developed relationships

with ACPF members.


2017.8/1              ACPF Secretariat News No. 2 was issued.

2017.8/7              The new Pamphlet of the ACPF was published.


2017.9/1              ACPF Headquarters branches (so called as functional branches) meeting was held for the first of time.

2017.9/1              ACPF Secretariat News No. 3 was issued.

2017.9/10            Fuchu UNAFEI thanks giving and farewell party (including BBQ) was held.

2017.9/12            Mr. Minoru SHIKITA, former chairperson, the ACPF, passed away.

2017.9/12-9/14    The ACPF supported the Third World Congress on Probation (3WCP)  held in Tokyo.

ACPF Saitama Branch and NPO (Future of Kenya) jointly invited a volunteer probation officer to 3WCP.

2017.9/14            Crime Prevention Practitioners Association in the Philippines and the ACPF, ACPF Nagoya Branch,

conducted their MOA signing ceremony.

2017.9/17          The funeral ceremony of Mr. Minoru SHIKITA, former chairperson, the ACPF was held.

2017.9/19            The ACPF executives exchanged opinions with seven Thai Judiciary dignitaries in the occasion of their

visit to LAWASIA conference in Tokyo.


2017.10/1            UNAFEI and ACPF Secretariat were relocated from Fuchu city in Tokyo to Akishima city in Tokyo.

2017.10 /2           The ACPF International contribution calendar was published.


2017.11/28          New ACPF website started.

2017.11/30          “Memorial service for Mr. Minoru SHIKITA, former Chairperson, the ACPF was held.

2017.11/30          The ACPF Chiba Branch decided its dissemble as of 31 March 2018.


2017.12/1            The ACF published ACPF Magazine No. 60.

2017.12/4            Ms. Tomoko AKANE (former UNAFEI Director and ACPF member) was elected as Judge of the International

Criminal Court (ICC).

2017.12/25          Mr. Hiroshi MAEDA, Councillor, the ACPF (former Prosecutor General), passed away.


2018.1/5              The ACPF started its full-fledged administration on information on its website news.

2018.1/22            The ACPF published its statistical booklet “Japan, How Safe?” (2018 edition).

2018.1/26            The ACPF, the Japan Criminal Policy Association and UNAFEI jointly conducted their public lecture on criminal policy .

2018.1/26            UNAFEI alumni meeting was held.


2018.2/8              Officers in charge, Cabinet Office, visited the ACPF (audit).

2018.2/10-2/14    ACPF members visited TIJ- Thai ACPF seminar and criminal justice organizations in Thailand.

2018.2/20            MCPF and Royal Malaysia Police (Kuala Lumpur) chief superintendent delegations made courtesy visit to the ACPF.

2018.2/22            Mr. Taichi SAKAIYA, President, gave the press conference on “Japan, How Safe?”.


2018.3/1              ACPF Branch officials in charge meeting was held.

2018.3/13            The eighth meeting of the Board of Directors was held.

2018.3/15-3/17 Dr. Tran Cong Phan, Deputy Prosecutor General of the Supreme People’s Procuracy of Viet Nam,

visited ACPF Sapporo Branch.

2018.3/31            The ACPF Chiba Branch was dissolved.



Needless to say, ACPF members devoted themselves to prepare the programs prior several months for the events. They had to concurrently conduct many programs this fiscal year.