ACPF Thai Seminar reports!

So called ACPF Thai Seminar was held in 2013 as its first one (see What is the ACPF?).

ACPF overseas cooperative organization, Thai ACPF kindly responded to our ACPF request to implement programs for Japanese member companies in Bangkok, Thailand.

The leader is Dr. Kittipong Kittayarak.


Dr. Kittipong is a UNAFEI alumnus, and has been invited to UNAFEI as a visiting expert for many times. He served as Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and other high-ranking positions in the Thai government. He is admired as the Champion of Criminal Justice Reform in Thailand. He is now Executive Chairperson of the TIJ (Thailand Institute of Justice).

The TIJ was admitted to join the UN Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme Network of Institutes (so called “PNI”) in 2016, and has been contributing very much to international community by providing international conferences and seminars focusing on the Bangkok Rules (enhancement of treatment for female prisoners and others strategies) and the rule of law and development.


This Thai Seminar is its 5th one. The previous seminars were coordinated as just half a day seminar. Then a few participants from Japan attended. In this year, the ACPF, TIJ and ACPF Thailand made a program to invite many members to visit Bangkok from Japan ACPF by planning a study tour to criminal justice institutions.

Thanks to such a proposal, we had 19 Japanese members (9 Yokomama branch members and 4 Hiroshima branch members included) to visit the TIJ-ACPF Thailand Seminar.