The logo mark of 2020 Kyoto Crime Congress Shows up!

As you may know, the logo mark of the Kyoto Crime Congress is open to the public on the website of the Ministry of Justice, Japan.




The logo lays out the sun which reminds us tender sunlight of April, the date of the Crime Congress, and cherry blossoms.

We can instantly recognize the Crime Congress will be held in Japan and admire its splendid sense that it incorporates two logo marks in the zeros of 2020.


The logos are

 ◆ the mark of SDGs:Sustainable Development Goals

 ◆ the logo mark of the UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

It fascinates us very much at first sight.

The more we look at it, the more it becomes heartwarming.


The ACPF has got permission from the Ministry of Justice for using the logo mark.


The ACPF, as a UN NGO, intends to contribute to the 2020 Kyoto Congress. ACPF members support is most welcome.


You can access detailed information through the below banner.