Awardees of the ACPF 40th Anniversary Prize Paper Programme were revealed.

The names of the awardees are as follows.

The papers of the awardees will be carried on the ACPF Website.




Grand Prize     Destin Nurafiati Ristanti

Raising Awareness on Younger Generation through Public Figure in Crime Prevention Strategy: K-pop Group BTS and Hate Crime toward Asians in the U.S. amidst Covid-19 Pandemic


Honorable Mention    Donard Pastor Conales Jr.

The Role of the Public (citizens including young people and the business sector) in International Cooperation in the Field of Crime Prevention.


Honorable Mention    Risako Takamura

We are stronger together
The Role of Non-State Actors in Enhancing International Cooperation for Tackling Crimes


Honorable Mention    Mithounavanh Kongmany

Measures to promote public-private partnership (including young people and business sector) in the prevention of recidivism